Health Promotion and Well-Being

Health Promotion and Well-Being, previously known as the Center for Health Education and Well-Being (CHEW), cultivates and supports holistic well-being for individuals, relationships, groups, and the JHU community-at-large across all schools and divisions. As a result of programs, services, educational campaigns, leadership and engagement opportunities, students and learners will create positive habits and behaviors which will have a beneficial impact on academic success, personal development and long-term health and well-being.

Connect With Us

  • Health Promotion and Well-Being is operating with usual business hours (8:30-5:00 PM, Monday-Friday) through phone, virtual and in-person meetings. To schedule a meeting, please send an email to or connect with a staff member on the staff page.
  • We invite you to attend our zoom office hours during the week to ask questions, gather resources, and schedule additional appointments.  If you have questions during this time, please contact us via phone or email.
  • If you have experienced a situation of intimate partner violence or sexual misconduct or have questions about a related situation, please call the office number at at 410-516-5133 to reach a confidential staff member. If you are currently unsafe or need immediate attention, please call 911 or campus security at 410-516-4600. The Confidential JHU Sexual Assault Helpline can also be called at 410-516-8700 24/7, even during COVID-19 adjusted operations.

Find resources and updated information on the university’s operations and response on the JHU COVID Information Page.

Overview of Programs and Services

Health Promotion and Well-Being offer well-being, alcohol and other drugs, and gender-violence prevention programs and services to all JHU students and trainees. Below is an overview of our programs and services, make sure to check out the rest of our pages as well for more information.

  • Program Requests: Health Promotion and Well-Being staff offer a variety of health and well-being workshops. Students, faculty, and staff can request these workshops for their student organization, classes, or other events for students and trainees. Click on “Request a Program” on the left-hand side to view our program descriptions and to request us at your next event!
  • Well-Being Consultations/Motivational Interviewing: Health Promotion and Well-Being staff offer individual consultations focused on enhancing well-being through action-oriented goal setting. Consultations can be in-person on the Homewood or East Baltimore campus or virtually. Sessions are private and can focus on stress or time management, improving sleep, cultivating holistic well-being, alcohol, marijuana, or tobacco use. Individuals can also request a session focused on sexual health education. To make an appointment, fill out this form. 
  • Confidential Resource: Alyse Campbell, Associate Director of Student Well-Being, Gender Violence Prevention, is a confidential resource for all students and learners who have experienced gender-based violence. To contact Alyse, email her at or call her at 410-516-5133.
  • Events: Check Hopkins Groups, Instagram (@chewatjhu), the Hub, or This Week in Well-Being newsletter for upcoming well-being events.

Overview of Initiatives

  • Consent at JHU: The goal of this campaign is to educate and raise awareness on how to communicate, recognize verbal and non-verbal consent cues, and maintain consent through a sexual or intimate experience.
  • Yawns Hopkins: This campaign focuses on providing free sleep kits and education to JHU students and trainees on sleep hygiene and habit-formation to improve overall well-being.
  • Safer Sex at JHU: An initiative aimed at increasing accessibility to barrier methods and sexual well-being education at JHU.
  • Homewood Well-Being on Wheels: A push-cart filled with well-being resources and tools to help students promote their well-being. Student groups such as Advocates for Reproductive and Sexual Health (ARSH), Bystander Intervention Trainers (BIT), Sexual Assault Resource Unit (SARU), WINGS, and our peer health educators (PEEPs) will be pushing the cart around campus throughout the semesters, so make sure to stop by when you see it! For those inquiries regarding the cart, email Molly Hutchison at