Physical Well-Being


Sleep, nutrition, and physical activity are core components of well-being. Sleep improves memory and learning, enhances your productivity, and helps regulate your emotional and mental well-being. Eating nutritious meals every day can help you feel energized and promote your overall health. Lastly, physical activity can help relieve stress, regulate your emotional and mental well-being, and is a great way to give yourself a break from classwork. As a college student, it can be difficult to get enough sleep, eat nutritious meals, and exercise regularly. Find programs, tips, and resources for promoting your physical well-being:

Physical Well-Being Workshops

  • Health Promotion and Well-Being physical well-being programs include topics focused on sleep, body image, nutrition, and yoga. Check our list of physical well-being workshops here.
  • To request a workshop fill out our form here.


Free Menstrual Products on the Homewood Campus

JHU Resources

  • The Calm app is available to all JHU students and trainees. New users will need to create an account at and then download the app!
  • The Counseling Center offers well-being workshops and groups to Homewood and Peabody students. Click here for more information on eligibility services.
  • The JHU Well-Being website is a helpful tool to navigate the eligibility of health and well-being resources based on school, campus, or dimension of well-being.
  • Hopkins Food Pantry located on the Homewood campus inside The LaB at 3003 N. Charles St., Baltimore, MD is open to all Hopkins affiliates.To receive access to the pantry, affiliates must complete an application.

Community Resources

  • 211 Food Resources connects to food assistance programs in Baltimore and Maryland by calling 211 or by going to the linked webpage, which has lists of locations to pick up groceries. A number of new programs are available for people experiencing COVID-19-related hardships, including grocery delivery boxes.
  • Food Rescue Baltimore offers fresh food pickups around the city each weekday.
  • Maryland Food Bank‘s website lists places to find food near your zip code.
  • City Seeds, just north of JHMI, offers occasional food distributions.