Student Groups

Health Promotion and Well-Being rely on its team of students to help cultivate a culture of well-being on campus. Our students are highly trained in various health-related topics, especially those that are pertinent to college students at Hopkins. They can provide your class, residence hall, organization, etc. with a variety of health education and wellness programs.

Bystander Intervention Trainers

Bystander Intervention Training (BIT) is an interactive, student-facilitated training that aims to engage everyone in preventing gender violence on the JHU Homewood campus. If you would like to schedule a BIT program for your student group, please contact

Peer Health Educators

Preventative Education and Empowerment for Peers (PEEPS) are part of a peer health education program designed to provide a setting in which students can discuss and explore health issues. PEEPS are trained to present health information to their peers on a variety of topics such as healthy living, sexual health, nutrition, stress management, and alcohol, drugs, and tobacco.

Sexual Assault Resource Unit

The Sexual Assault Resource Unit (SARU) is a volunteer student group that refers survivors to resources and raises awareness about the issue of sexual assault on college campuses. SARU runs a peer support line for those affected by sexual assault and individuals who are concerned about a friend or loved one. The support line is staffed by student responders. SARU also provides peer education focused primarily on what constitutes consent, what factors contribute to rape culture, and how to respond appropriately to survivors. By hosting speakers, putting on poster campaigns, and creating peer-to-peer activities, SARU raises awareness of sexual assault and promotes consent and mutual respect in all sexual encounters. Please note that because SARU is a student group, its members are not required to report received calls to JHU campus officials. Students should be aware that information shared with SARU does not constitute a report or complaint of sexual violence filed with JHU. Accordingly, if you wish to file a complaint, please learn more about JHU’s complaint processesTo contact the SARU support line number call 410-516-7887 or email at